Our Campuses

Holy Spirit College is a unique environment being the first Catholic school of its kind in Far North Queensland; we provide individual education for disengaged secondary aged young people. The college is an initiative of Catholic Education Services, Cairns Diocese. There are two campuses one in Cooktown and the other in Manoora, Cairns. 
The main Cooktown Campus is a boarding and day school with residences for 32 young people while the Cairns campus is a day school facility. Both of the campuses are co-educational and provide learning opportunities specifically for disengaged young people. 
Disengagement by young people from schooling is a serious social issue and there are assumptions, although not always correct, for disengagement to being associated with youth crime, substance abuse, health issues and welfare dependence. There is no magic solution to these long term deep-seated issues; we are confident the college is a part of a positive community response to address issues by reaching out with compassion to young people and their families. 

Building relationships based on respect and responsibilities are the foundations on which we build in working towards reconnecting young people to the wider community as productive citizens. The young people are supported by a multi-disciplinary team of mentors and well-being specialists. The mentors include specialists in Music, Visual Arts, Outdoor Education, Manual Arts along with English and Mathematics. 


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