Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What bedding do I need to bring?
You will not need to bring most linen with you, as sheet, pillow cases and towels are provided. You will need to bring:

  • Continental quilt or blankets
  • Two continental quilt covers
  • Pillow

Q: What type of personal clothing do I need to bring?
Your personal clothing should include the following:

  • Appropriate casual clothes, at least
  • Sleepwear
  • Underwear, at least four changes
  • Dressing gown or tracksuit for wearing in common areas
  • Toiletries
  • Mesh bag for washing
  • Slippers or thongs
  • Sneakers or other closed shoes for day school
  • Bathers or appropriate clothes for swimming
  • Sufficient coat hangers for clothes

All of your clothing must have name tags on them.

Q: What else could I bring?

  • Laptops, iPods and tablets are permitted. (Headphones must be used during study times and after lights out.)
  • Bed lamp
  • Personal items

Q: Can I bring my own computer?
Yes you can. Laptops or tablets are allowed and students will have access to the school network via a virtual desktop across our wireless network.

Q: Is there Internet Access?
Yes there is. The Boarding House has wireless connection with the School Network and there are computers on site that can be used by students.

Q: Can I bring my mobile phone?
Mobile phones are permitted but rules must be adhered to as to when the student is and is not allowed to have them in their possession.

Q: Do I have to keep my room clean and tidy?

Yes! While the housekeeper will vacuum the rooms every day you will be expected to keep your room tidy and make your bed daily. A casual room inspection is done each morning. Boarders cannot go out on leave until their rooms are tidy!

Q: If I have a worry or personal problem to whom can I turn?

You can talk to your House Parent[s], the Campus Administrator, your mentors or other staff you have a right relationship with, and don’t forget you can talk to other boarders, if appropriate.

Q: What is there to do on weekends?

The weekends are a mix of organised activities and unstructured time. Outings are organised each weekend including fishing, swimming, other sporting activities. Leisure time can mean staying in for the day and you can will enjoy DVD nights and the chance to unwind from your busy week.

Q: How much money do I need?

Each person has a locker for the safety of personal items such as money, you can also have staff lock it in the main office for you . However, you will only need small amounts of money to cover your shopping for toiletries and treats. We discourage young people having large sums of money in their rooms. Small amounts of pocket money are kept safely by most girls, sums over $50 are rarely needed and can provide too great a temptation for others. This is a constant concern; the only consistently successful answer is never to have large sums of cash at school.


Q: What kind of access do parents have to their young people?

Parents have unlimited access to their children either by phone, e-mail or in person. Parents are welcome to have dinner in the Dining Room if they are in town and may take their child/ren out for afternoon tea or dinner at any time.

Young people enjoy liberal leave. Apart from occasional compulsory weekend activities during the year, young people may go out on any weekend. (Staff will recommend otherwise if they deem it advisable!). We are, however, very strict about granting leave: both the parent AND host family must contact the Campus Administrator if anyone other than family members are taking the boarder out for the day or weekend. We take our duty of care very seriously!

Young people must be signed in and out of the College by a family member.

Q: What happens if my child is sick? 
If the student is unable to attend school because of an illness the Boarding House Parent will treat each child individually and care for them as she would her own child. Doctors’ appointments are made where deemed necessary and a supervisor will remain in the Boarding House for the day to care for child. Parents will be contacted and kept informed.

Q: Who do I contact if I have a concern?

Frequent communication between staff and parents’ is welcome and essential. You are welcome to ring the Senior House Parents when you have a concern. The Senior House Parents will direct you to the relevant person who will address boarding or school matters. If the concern or issue is of a serious nature you can contact the Campus Administrator or Principal. It is always better to discuss your concern with a staff member than to be worrying at home.