Enrolment Acceptance

Once a young person is accepted into the College they are assigned a mentor. The mentors meet with the young people both individually and in small groups on a regular basis. The families and/or care agencies are kept informed of the young person’s progress on a regular basis. Each young person has their individual needs identified and a plan developed. 

Commencement of Enrolment 

At the commencement of the student’s enrolment a care team meeting is conducted with the student. The meeting could include the following people depending on the situation – young person, family, Head of Campus/Director Student Services, teacher and Guidance Counsellor. An individual learning plan will start to be developed.
A summary of this plan is presented to the teacher-mentors to enable a consistent approach in working with the student’s enrolment. Regular reviews of these plans are conducted throughout the year, including consultation with parents.
There are ongoing planning meetings with relevant staff, student and family to assess where the young person is at and resolve any barriers.