Counselling Services

The College Guidance Counselor works in partnership with the teacher-mentors by contributing specialised knowledge and skills in a collaborative, collegial manner.
Focusing on fostering the development, mental health and resilience of all students, including those considered at high risk. The focus is achieved by applying guidance and psychotherapy skills through direct and indirect processes and through systemic and individual interventions; thus contributing to equitable educational access, participation, and outcomes for all students 
The Guidance Counselor supports students by:
Assisting the Director of Student Services with student profiling, in identifying risks and developing strategies to manage student-related issues
Assessing students’ needs through working with a range of people including, teacher-mentors, parents, carers and other support agency personnel
Organising or providing comprehensive psychological evaluations, including consulting with others in relation to students’ learning, behaviour, and mental health needs.
Development and implementation of effective profiling for students and the use of that profiling to develop individual ‘learning and living plans’ in collaboration with the student, family/carers and teaching staff including seeking information from other agencies about the students’ emotional and mental health. 
Working with other professionals such a special educators, speech pathologists, hearing specialists, doctors and social workers, in developing the comprehensive profile to support students.