The Cooktown Campus is the main campus of Holy Spirit College. It is situated on the corner of Hope and Burkitt Streets.

While the campus did not open until mid-2015 during the previous two terms staff operated outreach programs for the young people of Hopevale and Wujal Wujal. The present cohort is 100% Indigenous young people from Cooktown, Wujal Wujal and Hopevale.

The campus offers programs for day and weekly boarding students. The boarders are picked up from their homes in Hopevale and Wujal Wujal on Monday mornings and are returned hto their homes on Fridays. The purpose of weekly boarding is to allow young people the opportunity to concentrate on their leanring and develop frienships during the week, while keeping in close contact with their families and communities on weekends. Also, weekly boarding appeals especially to young people who wish to join a school but who live too far away to be day pupils. Families often choose weekly boarding to enable their children to concentrate better on their studies by reducing the time spent travelling to and from school.

The boarding facilities offers 16 female and 16 male residential places in single gender houses placed on opposite sides of the property. The House Parents, Robyn & Robert Bloomfield live on site and the Boarding Assistants, Lyman and Lana, live in units separated from the young people's residences by a breezeway. 

The teacher-mentors offer a wide range of project based learning and core subjects. A major part of the learning program is built around individual young people's needs and goals with work experience and work placment being a focus for the older teenagers.  


Block A - House Parents and Transition Houses
Block B - Female Boarding House
Block C - Administration and Learning buildings
Block D - Male Boarding House