Care of the individual

The young person is at the centre of our work at Holy Spirit College.  It is the relationship with staff, whether they are the Teacher-mentor, Principal, Head of Campus or support staff that is the cornerstone of young person’s success and development.  It is critical that each young person feels known and appreciated by the staff.  Our attention to the whole person is essential and facilitates a rapport which leads to personal growth and the development of individual future goals.

Our College respects the essential uniqueness of each person, yet acknowledges the bonds that bind us to one another. We acknowledge that the young people we are responsible for, have been negatively affected by many forces, most beyond their control. However, we believe in great things for the young people and hold realistic expectations of their capacity to overcome and to succeed.

In this light, individual care is a major driving force behind our program at Holy Spirit College and permeates all our initiatives.  Our mission statement reflects this by:

  • Valuing each young person’s individuality with their particular and different abilities and needs.
  • Encouraging all individuals to recognise their potential.
  • Valuing excellence in the pursuit of all aspects of life.

Individual care enables the young people to develop a sound understanding of expectations and boundaries. It provides the external support structure to internalise positive behaviour pat¬terns and self discipline. Clear communication of expectations and consistent application of these are the keys to success and make for a safe environment to learn and develop.