We believe

As a specialised school offering a live-in option we believe  …

…our mission is to help young people with their social-emotional, educational and spiritual needs, through providing a flexible and alternative option to mainstream schools. We work with those students who need extra help in order to re-engage with schooling to be successful.

… that not all schools work for every young person; there is no one-size fits all in education. Some young people simply need a smaller and personalised education to assist them to be successful. Other young people need more work on social skills to assist them to develop right relationships in building a strong foundation for their futures. Individualised attention and a consistent and good structure are essential when working with these young people, and with it they thrive. With a feeling of success and a deeper understanding of themselves the young people can move on to the next phase of their lives which may be another boarding school, further education or into the workforce.

… many behaviour problems with teenagers begins with a sense of failure in their learning. Instead of taking pride in their successes they become frustrated and angry and stop trying or start fighting and participating in other behaviours.

… with appropriate collaboration between the college and families, along with individualised assistance and structure, within a boarding environment, we can help many who would not have succeeded otherwise. Without college and family working together, in assisting a young person, there is a smaller chance of success.

… our college’s flexible system can accommodate those who would not succeed in other environments. Our flexible system means young people have opportunities to improve and begin to work towards a more positive future.