Boarding Fees

Holy Spirit College is a designated ‘Special Assistance School’ for young people disengaged from other types of education. As such we do not charge tuition fees; there are fees for young people living in the Cooktown residences. There are also costs to pay for young people’s uniforms and other individual student expenditures. 

Payment of Boarding Fees & Additional Charges

Boarding fees (for Australian Resident Students) are payable in advance at the commencement of each term. 
The College reserves the right to alter the boarding fees and charges at any time. 
The College may incur expenditure on items as may reasonably be required for the student during each term and shall be reimbursed by the parents or guardians upon the issuing of a Tax Invoice. Fees for additional charges are payable forthwith upon the issuing of a Tax Invoice. 

A student shall not be able to commence boarding at the College if the boarding fees for the current term have not been paid. The College will grant an extension of time for payment only if there are exceptional circumstances outside of the parents’ control. A request for such an extension of time for payment shall be made in writing to the College addressed to the Business Manager.

Change of Boarding Status and Withdrawal of a Student 
A student may be withdrawn from the Boarding School by the primary carer, of the young person, giving at least one term’s written notice (or pro‐rata therewith at the discretion of the Principal or Business Manager) prior to the withdrawal. Unless otherwise agreed to by the College, in the absence of the required notice, fees shall be in full for the term in respect of which the withdrawal is made.

The same notice and conditions apply where a student is to change status eg boarder to day student. The college does not refund boarding fees as the position has been allocated for the term.

The College may specify a date each year by which re‐enrolment for the ensuing year must be confirmed. A place in the College cannot be guaranteed for a student whose enrolment is not confirmed by the date specified. Unless otherwise agreed to by the College, in the event of withdrawal of a student after confirmation of re‐enrolment and prior to the commencement of the ensuing year, the College will require payment of boarding fees for one full term of the ensuing year.

Government Financial Assistance 
Financial assistance is available from the State & Commonwealth Governments for a variety of benefits. Parents should make enquires with either State or Commonwealth Government departments as appropriate.

Commonwealth Assistance for Isolated Children (AIC) Scheme 
Phone: 132318 
Phone: 1800 132 317

Queensland School Financial Services Phone: 1800 248 997 
Queensland Transport Phone: 07 4639 0784

 2019 Schedule of Boarding Fees

Boarding Fees*




Years 7 - 12

$7 000

$28 000




*Boarding Fees include Food, Accommodation, Residential Supervision, Health Care, Laundry Facilities and Cleaning.

Fees are reviewed on an annual basis and are set in November for the following year.