Boarding as family


Our boarding house staff members recognise that they have a special responsibility for the holistic development of all our resident young people. Although boarding life does not replace family life, our house parents do become second parents for our boarders. The Boarding  Parents nurture a family atmosphere by:

  • Helping all young people recognize their contribution to the building up of a family spirit
  • Promoting a healthy and positive attitude towards others in a spirit of acceptance, respect and genuine concern for one another
  • Promoting a cooperative and supportive atmosphere between people
  • Being consistent, fair and just in dealings with all young people
  • Assisting all young people to gain medical and other support services as required
  • Maintaining a high standard of integrity
  • Ensuring living areas are maintained in a clean and tidy manner
  • Promoting a routine of daily life
  • Developing Right Relationships with all boarders

Our staff understand the challenges faced by adolescents living away from home. They are committed to providing the highest levels of care and support to each young person who is boarding with us and to helping them develop the courage and confidence to take on the challenges of study, work and life. While rules are kept to a minimum, those we have in place are for the explicit safety and wellbeing of all young people. There is an expectation that these are respected.

The young people are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions on their journey to becoming kind, independent and resilient adults. Our priority is to recognise and understand the needs, interests and personality of each person in a safe, friendly environment allowing for the progressive development of their independence and confidence.