A well organised, stable, caring and family style environment characterises our boarding school, where all staff work in partnership with young people and their families to make the most of the boarding experience offered at the college.  Boarders are encouraged to participate to the fullest extent in school life, to discover their gifts and to take advantage of every opportunity for personal growth, as they prepare to meet their challenges.

Holy Spirit College’s Boarding School in Cooktown provides weekly residential facilities for students. Generally, the students are picked up from Wujal Wujal and Hopevale on a Monday morning and returned to their communities on Friday. Students outside of the Cooktown, Wujal Wujal and Hopevale areas need to have a place to stay over weekends as the boarding houses are closed. 

Boarders can participate in every aspect of the extra-curricular life of the school, encouraging further the bonds of friendship outside of the Boarding School and the development of each young person.  There is a high rate of participation in a variety of activities. 

Boarding Facilities

The college boarding facities cater for 32 young people, with the two, girls or guys only, boarding houses situated on either side of the college grounds.

The layout of each building is identical with two girls or guys sharing a room and two room sharing a bathroom. There are two levels to each house with the young people's residences on one side and the boarding assistants and common room across a breezeway. 


As young people are on the go from sunup to sundown, providing the right nutrition to ensure they perform at their best is vital.
Our internal catering team is led by a cook, who takes pride in developing delicious seasonal menus with variety and high nutritional value. They also ensure that particular dietary requirements are met.

The young people share breakfast, lunch and dinner together in the dining area every day and enjoy wholesome, filling and nutritious meals, made fresh on site from quality local food suppliers.

Fresh fruit, salads and vegetables are provided every day.